-          I was born in Cheb on 13th  of July in 1982; but all my life I live in  a small town in Františkovy Lázně

-          in a zodiac I'm a Cancer

-          I'm a student at Grammar school in Cheb; I would like to study banking or some humanities at the university

-          in addition to my studies, I also have a small job in my fathers firm


-          I have a lively and cheerful personality, but if I haven't good mood I am little bit nervous

-          I prefer to have a lot of people around me, but from time to time  I want to be alone



My hobbies:

-          little skiing, swimming, listening the music, reading books and magazines, going to the cinema, with my parents we enjoyed travelling around the Czech Republic and in Europe, now I travel with my friends; when I was younger I played flute for eleven years; when I was on primary school I visited dramatic ringlet

-          I like: summer, sea, sport, music, pizza and all Italian food

-          I'm interested in literature

-          I hate: spiders and all insects

-          I don't have any pets

-          it bothers me when people reshape and lie


My family:

I have one older sister, her name is Iva, she is seven years older than me, she is 25; but she doesn't live with us because she has own flat; she is still single; she works as shop assistant in shop with glass


-          my parents are the same age; they are 46

-          Mother: she is small, half-slim, she has dye and short hair; nurse in health centre in Frant. Lázně

   - she is pleasant, fair, and jokeful

   - her favourite hobby is growing plants

-          Father: he is well built and tall, black hair, he wears glasses; businessman in textiles branch; he works in Aš

   - he is hard-working, really calm but sometimes he gets angry

   - he likes work in the garden and work with wood, he likes walk

     in the forest with my mother; they both like hiking

-          I have only one grand mother, who lives in Hazlov but we visit her every weekends; she works as a cooker


-          my relationship with my parents is very good; they understand me and I can talk with them about everything






in addition to - vedle, kromě

mood - nálada

half-slim - plnoštíhlá

pleasant - příjemná

fair - spravedlivá

jokeful - vtipná

branch - odvětví